Tech Gurus

stevec_125x150 Stephen – This is Stephen (written by Ross) What can I say about Steve? Not only a great technician, he is also a genuinely great guy. He is part of the glue that binds this big sticky Priority team together. Steve is always ready to help you out when you need a hand. And he is one of the few people who can look me in the eye……[Read Autobiography]
Stan – This is Stan (written by Jeff) Stan’s an old timer. How old, we’re really not sure, but we think he may even be as old as Wayne! =) Read his background, he’s been doing Appliance Service for about as long as I’ve been alive, and it shows in his work! I remember coming to work with my Dad as a young boy and Stan being there, often with a new joke to brighten our mornings. Stan is rock solid dependable, and an integral part of what makes Priority what it is today.
[Read Autobiography]
Perry – This is Perry (Written by Deb) Perry is a real gentleman. The customers love his courteous manner and efficient professionalism, not to mention his willingness to go that extra mile to ensure the customer’s satisfaction and knowledge that extends beyond his current role of appliance service technician. Perry is a real team player – we’re glad to have him on board!
[Read Autobiography]
Moe – This is Moe (written by Dale) Moe immigrated from Iran years ago and, despite our best efforts, is still the most.. creative speller of our team. While appearing quiet in homes, concentrating only on providing the best service he can, at team meetings he often provides expertly timed comic relief. If you’re lucky, you may catch a glimpse of this side of him.
[Read Autobiography]
Craig A[Read Autobiography]
Yury –  [Read Autobiography]
Ramin – [Read Autobiography]
 bradh_125x150 Brad – [Read Autobiography]
 dominica_125x150  Dominic – [Read Autobiography]
 coltenp_125x150  Colten – [Read Autobiography]
 shawnh_125x150  Shawn – Appliance Service Technician
 willl_125x150  Will – Appliance Service Technician
 alext_125x150  Alex – Appliance Service Technician
   Future Tech – You are the ideal tech. In fact you are so ideal that we call you a Service Engineer. You are a “digital native” in the global village. We are so glad to have you. Like everyone else on this bus, you have brought so much creative energy to the Team. [Read Autobiography]