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Step 1 - Your Contact Info

Step 2 - Your Location

If it will not be you on site, it is important that the technician be given instructions on how to provide you with an estimate and instructions for collecting upon completion.

Step 3 - Your Product

Our goal is to repair your appliance in the first visit if at all possible! A full model and serial number is critically important as it may enable your technician to come prepared with applicable service information and parts for your appliance!
Some appliances with have an additional number, sometimes called a "revision", "production", "manufacturing", or "index" number. If so, these will often be necessary to acquire the correct parts.
Necessary field for warranty service.
Necessary field for warranty service
Necessary Field for warranty service

Step 4 - Preferred time

Note: Generally next day is not available, but if you select it we'll understand you're looking for service as soon as possible.

Step 5 - Your Payment Method

For non-warranty service, our technician will need to collect while on site unless you are a business with an account setup. For warranty service, it is important to note that even for products within the warranty period, in most cases manufacturers will only cover repairs that are confirmed as a "defect in materials or workmanship". In practicality, this means adjusting installation, or advising on usage will not be covered by the manufacturer and we will have to collect from you instead.