Office Heros

dalec_125x150 This is Dale (written by Moe) He’s a keeper. The customers rave about his skill as a Dispatcher. He really is much more than a Dispatcher, his head is in the place of prediagnosing, preordering parts, preauthorizating, preparing, etc…. basically thinking ahead. He communicates well and balances between technician’s needs and customer’s by tweaking the dispatch map constantly. However, I dread the “Hey Moe, can you take another call?” phonecalls at 7:30 AM.
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This is Ying (written by Kasia) From the start Ying has fit right in with the Priority Team, her sense of humour brings much joy to the office atmosphere. Her efficiency and directness is such a great help in taming the never ending mountain of office processes. Last but not least, she introduced us to a wild tofu and oyster mushrooms with sweet chili sauce dish. We actually use our appliances in the office!
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This is Stephanie (written by Deborah) Right from the start Stephanie has been proven herself to be a keeper. Not only did she catch on to the work immediately, but she is also a conscientious and hard worker who has made an excellent addition to the Priority team and is a real pleasure to work with. We all love her! Her most admirable quality – her ability to work with Dale and his quirky sense of humor, even to challenge him on occasion. Just kidding…we love Dale, too! Welcome aboard, Stephanie! [Read Autobiography]
This is Queena (written by Queena) I started out working at the bank as a Customer Service Representative and then later on as a Financial Service Representative. I really enjoyed giving financial advice to my clients. After working at the bank for 6 years, I moved to Hong Kong and worked as an English teacher in a senior secondary school. Those years were a blast and I thank God for giving me those challenging; yet wonderful times in Hong Kong. Now, here I am, back in Vancouver joining my family and being here for them whenever they need my help.
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 briant_125x150 Brian – [Read Autobiography]